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CFO Meaning

The CFO meaning versus other senior roles

When it comes to the world of finance, there are a lot of different job titles that can be quite...
Group of successful multiethnic business team

CFO Training Tips for Modern-Day Finance Leaders

CFO Training is essential for any finance leader. To become a successful CFO, you need to have an unrivalled ability...
Serious strategizing. A cropped shot of a diverse group of businesspeople having a meeting.

How to Contribute More towards Strategic Conversations

CFOs have a unique financial perspective, the best working knowledge of the performance data and a strong overview of the...
Discussing the budget

How Big Should Your Finance Team Be as You Grow?

GrowCFO research suggests that most finance leaders create an annual budget for their finance team based upon what they inherited...
Analysis data sheet

The CFO’s Role in Managing Outcomes

Every business needs to predict and manage their current year performance to make informed decisions about the future of their...
Three smiling business people brainstorming together with sticky notes on a glass wall

Oversee and Drive Business Change

The role of the CFO is constantly evolving as businesses strive to stay ahead of the competition. You have a...
Struggling With Occupational Stress

Overcome Imposter Syndrome: A Guide to Building Confidence for Finance Leaders

As a finance leader, you play a vital role in driving the success of your teams, other departments and fellow...
Business team in co-working creative space

Maximising Your Team’s Performance: The Complete Guide for Finance Leaders

As a finance leader, you know that maximising your team's performance is essential to ensure the success of your organisation....
The GrowCFO Competency Framework eBook

GrowCFO Competency Framework eBook

FREE eBook GrowCFO Competency Framework The GrowCFO Competency Framework Book helps both aspiring and established CFOs understand the full range...

Career Routes to CFO: 2022 GrowCFO Report

FREE REPORT Career Routes to CFO: 2022 GrowCFO Report The GrowCFO Career Routes to CFO Report helps aspiring CFOs understand...
The Impact of Tough Market Conditions on Businesses and Their Finance Teams

The Impact of Tough Market Conditions on Businesses and Their Finance Teams

The current market conditions are putting a lot of pressure on businesses. Inflation is causing prices to rise, interest rates...
Finance Leaders Need to Spend More Time on Non-Finance Activities

Why Finance Leaders Need to Spend More Time on Non-Finance Activities

The role of the CFO is rapidly evolving and now requires huge focus on value creation and other impactful activities....
Why Finance Leaders Must Focus on People and Wellbeing

The Right Team: Why Finance Leaders Must Focus on People

It is no secret that the finance sector is under a lot of pressure. With the global economy in a...
The role of finance functions towards Sustainability and ESG

Why Finance Must Focus on Sustainability and ESG

Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) are important topics. They should already be near the top of company...
Data Governance

The Growth of Data Governance

Each year, businesses are generating more data than ever before, and this trend is set to continue into the future....
Data Scientists

The Rise of Data Scientists

As data becomes increasingly complex and voluminous, data scientists are becoming increasingly essential for finance functions. In fact, many experts...
Technology is Evolving Finance Functions

Technology is Evolving Finance Functions, but Not as Fast as It Should

It is no secret that technology has been changing the finance function at a rapid pace. In fact, it is...
Real-Time Financial Information

Real-Time Financial Information: Streamlining the Month-End Reporting Process

To run a successful business, you need accurate and up-to-date financial information to make important decisions that affect the future...
Financial Controllership

The Evolution of Financial Controllership Roles

Technology has always been a driving force in the world of business. It has the ability to disrupt entire industries,...

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