Fundraising Simulator

Preparing you to confidently lead your first fundraising process

Over two-thirds of aspiring and first-time finance leaders have little or no fundraising experience. This can easily derail your career progression and leave you feeling unprepared when leading your first-ever fundraise.

GrowCFO’s Fundraising Virtual Simulator provides you with essential first-hand CFO experience of leading and delivering an entire fundraising process from initial brainstorming through to deal completion.

Our simulator is based on a real-life $12 million fundraise comprising equity and convertible debt for a high-growth company with a pre-money valuation of $60 million.

We have designed our simulator to help prepare you to confidently lead a range of fundraising deals so that you can thrive throughout the process and feel empowered to obtain the best available deal for your company.

Key Features

GrowCFO’s fundraising virtual simulator features the following:
Lead an entire fundraising process as the CFO

As the finance leader, you will be responsible for delivering each stage of the process, from strategy creation to deal execution.

Complete key tasks

Gain first-hand experience of completing financial models, valuations, drafting terms sheets, reviewing contracts, and more.

Based upon a real-life fundraising deal

This simulator is based upon a real-life successful fundraise for an exciting high-growth company with big international ambitions.

Valuable guidance and insights

You will benefit from valuable guidance throughout the simulator and video insights from experienced finance leaders.

Completion time of 40 hours at your own pace

The simulator should take around 40 hours to complete, although this may vary depending upon your level of skills and experience.

Deal completion certificate

Once you have completed all activities and concluded the deal, you will receive a certificate for your CV and LinkedIn profile.

What you will accomplish

Participants will lead and deliver the following tasks:

Who's the Fundraising Simulator for?

Finance Leaders

During your first finance leader role in a startup or scaleup company, you will likely lead an entire fundraising process early on.

This simulator will prepare you to confidently lead your first fundraise and provide many insights that will help you negotiate the best available deal for your company.

Aspiring Finance Leaders

Most aspiring finance leaders will secure their first CFO role in an early-stage company, but struggle with the recruitment process due to a lack of fundraising experience.

GrowCFO’s Fundraising Simulator allows you to gain this experience by leading a fundraise from start to finish and showcasing your deal completion certificate to employers.

Are you ready to lead a fundraise?

The fundraising simulator is priced at £495* and includes access to all lessons, key tasks, expert insights, your deal completion certificate, and a peer finance leader community.

*Excludes local tax