GrowCFO for Finance Teams

Provide your team members with focused training to drive your finance function objectives and provide personal development opportunities.

Comprehensive training for finance teams

GrowCFO works with you to design and deliver flexible training for your team.

Online Courses

The 12 most important courses your team needs

GrowCFO has surveyed hundreds of finance leaders to identify the top 12 online training courses that would have the biggest impact on developing your teams. Most of these courses should be relevant to all your finance team members.


Virtual and in-person tailored workshops

GrowCFO’s professional mentors and coaches regularly deliver tailored workshops covering a range of essential topics to help develop your finance teams. These can be delivered as one-off workshops or across a series of sessions, either as virtual or in-person events.

Mentoring & Coaching

Overcome challenges and accelerate development

Our professional mentors and coaches have significant experience of working with finance team members through both individual and group sessions. We will quickly identify the biggest challenges that are holding people back from becoming the best version of themselves.

Team Building

Delivery partners to your team building activities

GrowCFO believes that finance functions should regularly organise team-building events to cover key objectives. These should be fun interactive events where each person feels properly listened to and fully supported.