Future CFO Programme

Becoming a Successful CFO Just Got Easier

The Future CFO Programme equips you with the different skills you need to step up to the CFO role, work strategically with your new C-suite colleagues and lead your own finance function.

To become a successful CFO you will need to focus on three key areas

The Insightful Leader

You will transform from a senior finance professional into a valuable strategic business partner.

C-Suite Ready

You will progress from being one of the crowd in the finance function to working with the board

Owning the Top Job

You will progress from a CFO ready candidate into an impactful CFO taking ownership of your own finance team

Main Features

A flexible nine-module development programme, written and delivered by finance leaders within a peer group format.

Featuring regular Zoom sessions and online training lessons to help participants obtain your first CFO role.


CFO Readiness Toolkit


Nine modules to fast track your development


Hundreds of CPD online lessons


Tailored assignments


Programme Certificate


Regular sessions with inspiring CFOs


Delivered in peer support groups


Complete at your own pace in any order


Free for GrowCFO Premium members

A. The Insightful Leader

1. Identify your skills gap: from senior finance professional to self-aware future candidate

2. Create your tailored development plan: from potential rising star to well-prepared future leader

3. Fast track your development: from strong financial contributor to business partner

B. C-Suite Ready

4. Build your own brand: from one of the crowd to stand out candidate

5. Grow your network: from unconnected top performer to highly recommended leader

6. Engage with the top table: from respected finance leader to trusted board member

C. Owning the Top Job

7. Win your dream job: from a ‘CFO ready’ candidate to newly-appointed CFO

8. Take over the finance function: from inherited finance function to blueprint your own team

9. Create your identity – the first 100 days: from first days as the CFO to an impactful CFO

Module Overview

Our nine modules will help transform you from a senior finance professional into an impactful CFO

Identify your skills gap

Join your Module 1 launch event to meet your CFO mentors and peer group buddies. Receive a guided tour of your CFO Readiness Toolkit and online course lessons. Your Module 1 lessons outline the typical roles and responsibilities of a CFO, including potential variations across different businesses. Participants work through guidance narrative and videos to rate yourself across each competency area within your CFO Readiness Toolkit.

Create your tailored development plan

Within Module 2, participants create objectives, actions and deadlines to address each identified development area within your CFO Readiness Toolkit. Our online lessons provide significant guidance and examples from experienced CFOs to help determine your action plans and timetables. During your Module 2 session, our CFO mentors will help you to prioritise them against your existing role and future career aspirations.

Fast track your development

Address each of your priority development areas through regular prompts inside GrowCFO’s automated Learning Centre. Participants will be notified of relevant courses, video recordings and blogs. You will also be invited to attend live webinar events and listen to specified podcasts. Update your competency ratings and priorities on a regular basis to further develop your achievement levels and to reflect your continued career progression.

Build your own brand

During this Module, participants will gain valuable insights to help develop your profile and build your personal brand. These include top tips for writing your CV, building your LinkedIn brand and reviewing your overall digital profile. You will be invited to join regular webinars and will be prompted to complete a range of online lessons to transform you from being one of the crowd into the stand out candidate.

Grow your network

This module consists of regular webinars, event recordings and online lessons to take you through the journey from being an unconnected top performer to becoming a highly recommended leader. During this module, participants will identify your influential contacts, determine your personal ambassadors and create an action plan for developing strong relationships with these individuals.

Engage with the top table

Module 6 will help you to engage with the top table in order to take you through the journey from being a respected finance leader to becoming a trusted board member. Participants will understand what your CEO and Board really want from their CFO, learn how to manage these critical relationships and master the challenges of stepping up to support your CEO and Board.

Win your dream finance job

This Module will help you to win your dream job in order to take you through the journey from being a “CFO ready” candidate to becoming a newly-appointed CFO. During this module, participants will identify potential routes into a new CFO role, learn different ways to identify new opportunities, understand how to position yourself for an internal promotion and hear top tips for passing the external hire recruitment process.

Take over the finance function

Participants will study how to take over the finance function to make the journey from inheriting the finance function towards creating a blueprint for your own team. You will learn how to determine your finance function objectives, which type of finance function would best suit your company, how to create a blueprint for your future finance function and what factors to consider when selecting your optimal team.

Create your identity – the first 100 days

This module is designed to help you to create your identity by building your 100-day plan to make the journey from your first day as the CFO to becoming an impactful CFO within your organisation. During this module, participants will learn the key priorities when starting your new CFO role, the importance of a 100-day plan, how to implement your plan and top tips for making a big impact early on!

The Future CFO Cohort programme has instantly provide me with a valuable community that I can learn from, share ideas with and contribute to. The program has helped me to assess my current skill level as a first-time FD and to map out my development areas. There is so much information available from more experienced peers, alongside regular events, competency sessions and mentoring to help address my identified skills gaps.

Folake Togunloju
Finance Director, The Light Salon

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Future CFO cohort programme. This course provides great insights from fellow professionals and is a great launchpad to enhance my knowledge and experience. The GrowCFO team have done an amazing job in delivering pertinent content and to structure the cohort so that different views can be shared. This has definitely broadened my network and has helped me to focus on addressing my biggest development areas!

Grant Elliott
Finance Director, Smartr365

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