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Everything you need to know to become a great finance business partner

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Next Cohort Starts: 22nd May 2024

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Hosted By

Oli Deacon

Oli is an ICAEW FCA based out of the UK, a PCC certified coach with ICF and a former Microsoft Finance Director.

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Finance Business Partnering Course Overview

Transitioning from accountant to top-notch finance business partner goes beyond number crunching. It’s about influencing decisions, nurturing relationships, and providing insightful guidance. Our course teaches you the skills to excel in this role, forging strong partnerships with the business.

Non-finance professionals recommend additional skills like sales, presentation, negotiation, and conflict management for finance professionals. We demystify these techniques and show you how to employ them, allowing you to effectively influence decisions and shape your unique career trajectory.

Our course lets you practice these skills in your day-to-day responsibilities. By mastering these competencies, you’ll set yourself apart and position yourself for accelerated financial success.

Rethink Your Approach: Transform Financial Communication with Investor Relations Techniques

When it comes to presenting numbers, Investor Relations teams have a different strategy. They don’t overwhelm shareholders with tables of complex data and expect them to figure it out. Instead, they focus on highlighting the most crucial number and making it prominent.

In this course, you’ll learn how to adopt the proven techniques used by top Investor Relations teams. You’ll discover how to make your most important number stand out, effectively communicate its significance, and convey its implications for the future.

By mastering these techniques, you’ll elevate your team’s perception and become an indispensable function within your organization. Join us on this journey to transform your financial communication and support your business in a more impactful way.

Who the FBP course is for?


This course is meticulously crafted for finance professionals who aim to advance their careers and take on the role of a finance business partner (FBP). Whether you’re an accountant, financial analyst, or a finance manager, this program provides the essential skills and knowledge required to transition from a traditional finance role to a dynamic, strategic FBP role.

Progressive Finance

Finance teams looking to elevate their performance and impact within their organizations will benefit immensely from this course. It equips your team members with the tools and techniques necessary to transform into proactive partners who can influence and guide key business decisions.

Finance Leaders

By participating in this course, you’ll cultivate a culture of innovation and collaboration within your finance department, positioning your organization for sustainable growth and competitiveness in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

After completing the Finance Business Partner course, your team will…

Tools Your Team Will Learn on the
Finance Business Partner Course

We don’t do text-book learning of what we should be doing.

We already probably know what we should be doing.

The problem is we don’t really know how to do it! And that’s where we come in.

We’ll show you the exact same tools that other professionals use to influence. We’ll show you how they work in the commercial world, with real-life examples.

More importantly, we’ll show you how to apply the exact same tools to your day-to-day functional role at all levels. Super simple, easy to remember, and easy to use, that will transform your influence immediately.

The Communicator's Secret

You'll learn how to take a huge amount of data and quickly turn it into 3 key messages that get your message across in just 90 seconds.

Fast-Track Rapport

Learn how to build instant rapport with anyone in just 2 minutes, even difficult people.

Elegant Challenge

Learn how to say no without saying no and challenge without damaging your relationship. No more difficult conversations needed.

Naughty Words / Magic Words

You'll learn the language most people use that kills influence, and the small changes you can make that have a huge impact instantly.

Power Dashboards

You'll learn how to take a boring table of numbers and turn it into a one-page dashboard that's interesting, engaging, and fun!