Your potential starts with you and grows with support

Mentoring is a great way of supporting your development and personal growth by ‘stretching’ you, helping you move out of your comfort zone and closer to your full potential.

Our mentors are experienced CFOs who have made the journey before, conquering the challenges that our mentees will face. Think of us as your motivator, sounding board and biggest supporter – your number one career buddy!

We identified 5 important obstacles finance leaders frequently face

1. Many aspects of the role will be new. The CFO role is very different to more junior finance function roles and there are many aspects that you have never experienced before, or have been trained to perform;

2. No industry-recognised qualification. You may feel unprepared to deliver the CFO role successfully and most companies struggle to
provide an appropriate learning and development programme;

3. Constant evolution of the CFO role and the skills required to succeed in a changing external environment;

4. It can be very lonely at the top and you are likely to be the only person doing your kind of role within your organisation; and

5. You don’t know what you don’t know. Your career development typically depends upon the nature of your existing role and your day-to-day experience and this can prevent you from achieving your full potential.

As our Mentee


You will receive advice and direction drawing on our own personal experiences;


You will receive help to develop your career, skills and expertise through us imparting our knowledge and previous experience;


You will be encouraged to develop your own solutions through powerful and challenging questions to guide your thinking; and


You will maximise your performance and learning and unlock your potential through the provision of insights.

We start by looking at you and giving you the foundation for your growth journey


Personal strategy session


Your ambitions


Financial and/or career strategy

We look at how your mindset and habits can support your development


Growth and agile mindset




Focus & clarity

We look at the behaviours and traits for success


Leadership styles


Behaviours and key skills for success


Executive presence and impact

We support you to become a trusted and vital Executive and Board member


Strategy and decision making




C-Suite and the Board

You will receive the following benefits from having regular mentoring sessions with an experienced CFO:

Knowledge and Experience

We will maximise the value you deliver to your business and help you overcome the key challenges within your role. We bring to you our wealth of financial, strategic and life experience to make your life easier.

Accelerated Development

We will motivate you to identify and deliver your career development plan, holding you accountable for your actions. We will help you to explore your mindset, to achieve your potential using proven tools and techniques to support this process.

Independent Support

We provide an independent point of contact and listen actively and objectively to enable you to talk through sensitive matters in private. We will act as a sounding board, and provide someone to think through problems, issues and challenges.

Why Choose Us

Our mentoring is fully personalised and adaptable to whatever your needs may be. Mentoring is a very personal thing. It needs to work for you. Your sessions with your mentor need to focus on what’s important for you right now. 

GrowCFO’s mentoring sessions are designed for senior finance professionals. It’s likely that you:


Are already in a CFO role, with or without being a member of the Board;


May be leading your finance function without the CFO job title; or


Aspire to become a CFO in the short to medium-term.

“Thanks to the mentoring I received, I have been able to identify my strengths, skills and recognise my value. I feel I am finally living up to my potential and continue to grow.”

J Jones, Inclusion London

“My mentoring is also having a positive and cumulative impact on the people I manage. We have better engagement and projects are more efficient due to better communication”

Finance Leader, TPA-Global

Meet the GrowCFO Mentors

Stuart Trood

I have been a senior finance and business professional for over 30 years including a number of CFO and CEO roles – in that time I have found it very difficult to find a network that supports and guides finance professionals on their journey to become a successful CFO.

The challenge has always been to provide a broad set of skills and competencies that you can’t necessarily obtain out of a textbook. Over the years I’ve learned many of these skills and my aim is to pass on as much as possible to the next generation of finance leaders.

Catherine Clark

I am a Chartered Accountant (FCA) qualified at KPMG and a fellow of the Institute of Directors. I have over 20 years of experience in Senior finance roles in growth focused multi-nationals and I was Group CFO for nine years of a global consultancy, the first female on the board.

The reason I mentor is because I love helping people to see their own potential more clearly and for their confidence to build so they achieve what they want to achieve. My philosophy in life is to keep teaching what I learn. I will bring simplicity and clarity to situations or decisions that may feel complicated or overwhelming.

Ian Simpkin

I’m a Chartered Accountant (FCA), trained at KPMG, with over 20 years finance director level experience. Besides mentoring new CFOs I work on a freelance basis helping SME’s grow their businesses. The goal is to provide high level finance expertise to companies to help enable them to achieve profitable growth and build value for successful exits.

My specialities: Financial management, exit strategy US/UK GAAP/IFRS accounting, business mentoring, mergers and acquisitions, exit planning (IPO and trade sales) and general management and strategic advice to entrepreneurs and SMEs.