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Are you looking for the next team member or a new challenge in finance? If so, then our finance jobs board is here to help! We believe we’ve created the first finance jobs board dedicated exclusively to finance professionals, providing you with the tools to find your perfect job or build your dream team. 

Our revolutionary jobs board includes a unique filtering system, making it easier than ever for job seekers to sift through job postings and find the ideal match. 

If you’re a finance professional looking to accelerate your career, we have built a competency framework designed to benchmark you against your finance leader peer group and identify any skills gaps.

We’ve also designed training courses to provide tailored learning experiences catered to finance roles across all levels. By engaging with our training and competency framework, you’ll develop key skills needed to win the job or attract your dream team from the jobs board.  

FREE Courses for Finance Job Seekers

Take Your Finance Career to the Top


Our CFO Programme is designed for passionate finance leaders who are keen to develop a well-respected finance function that provides vital support, influence and value creation.

The six-month programme is led by professional mentors who have strong CFO experience and is delivered within cohorts comprising     6-8 finance leaders.

Professional Mentoring

Many successful executives attribute part of their professional success to having a mentor. Because of the breadth of knowledge and evolving responsibilities required of a CFO.

An experienced mentor at your side can help you navigate leadership, governance, specific strategic issues, board management, prioritisation and more.

Fundraising Simulator

GrowCFO’s Fundraising Simulator provides essential first-hand CFO experience of leading and delivering an entire fundraising process from initial brainstorming through to deal completion.

Our simulator is based on a real-life $12 million fundraise comprising equity & convertible debt for a high-growth company with a pre-money valuation of $60m.

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