CFO Unite

This is a monthly support network for established CFOs led by professional mentors who have strong CFO experience and is delivered within cohorts comprising 6-10 finance leaders.


CFO Unite is GrowCFO’s stellar support network for established CFOs. Participants are placed into lucrative cohort groups featuring a maximum of ten CFOs, led by a professional mentor with over ten years of board level CFO experience.

Each group meets for monthly two-hour workshops featuring the following:

  • Relevant and current content for discussion purposes
  • Peer group connection and support
  • Group professional mentoring from an experienced CFO
  • Bring a problem and seek group support
  • Deeper dive into the most challenging issues
  • Understanding and sharing each company’s business models
  • Expert speakers as needed to bring new perspectives
  • Continuous adaptation of sessions to meet the group’s needs


These sessions will significantly enhance your impact and maximize the value you create within your company, both as a finance leader and a critical voice in the board room. You will leave each workshop feeling fresh with a renewed level of energy, a powerful action plan to overcome your challenges, and proven techniques to demonstrate your true worth.

What will you achieve?

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for people who are leading a finance function and reporting into the board (e.g. CFO, Head of Finance, Finance Director, VP of Finance).

All participants should be well established within your finance leader role and understand the importance of investing time to help achieve your full potential and deliver your company’s business plan.

Main Features

Monthly group sessions lasting two hours each on an ongoing basis (up to ten people and delivered online):

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