GrowCFO Simulators

Navigating the Business Life Cycle and Exit Strategies

GrowCFO provides a comprehensive suite of dynamic simulators crafted to empower finance professionals and leaders at every stage of the business life cycle. Through six distinct simulations, GrowCFO delivers invaluable insights and strategic guidance, enabling financial experts to refine their skills and make well-informed decisions. Tailored to address the intricacies of the entire business journey, these simulators serve as a resource for navigating complexities within the realm of financial leadership.

Business Life Cycle Simulators

Fundraising Simulator

Experience a CFO’s role firsthand as the Fundraising Virtual Simulator guides you from ideation to deal completion. Based on a $12 million real-life fundraise, including equity and convertible debt for a high-growth company with a $60 million pre-money valuation, this simulator equips users with the skills to confidently lead diverse fundraising deals, empowering them to navigate the process successfully and secure optimal deals for their companies.

Business Acquisitions Simulator

Immerse yourself in realistic scenarios, including legal agreements, financial models, and valuations. This simulation prepares you for the intricacies of real-life business acquisitions, enabling you to assume the CFO role, make strategic decisions, and enhance value through successful deal completion. Navigate each stage of the typical CFO’s role in an acquisition journey to equip yourself for real-world scenarios.

Exit Readiness Simulator

A groundbreaking and immersive experience specifically designed to empower aspiring and current CFOs in mastering the intricate process of preparing a company for a successful exit. Whether you’re considering a trade sale, private equity (PE) buyout, or initial public offering (IPO), this simulator is your ultimate guide to navigating the complexities of business exits with confidence and expertise.

Business Exit Strategy Simulators

Company Sale Simulator

Embark on an immersive journey as the CFO in our Company Sale Simulator, navigating the intricacies of orchestrating a strategic financial exit for a thriving business. Explore a realistic and dynamic environment, gaining practical insights, key learning points, debriefs, and valuable tips. Unlock your full potential, enhance strategic financial prowess, and guide your company to a triumphant financial exit.

PE Buyout Simulator

The journey of a Private Equity (PE) Leveraged Buyout deal is a challenging and exhilarating experience, with successful deals offering life-changing rewards. To hone your skills and build the confidence needed for real-world success, we present the PE Buyout Simulator, a transformative learning experience that bridges you to a future where you orchestrate strategic deals with finesse.

IPO Listing Simulator

Step into the world of public offerings with confidence. The IPO Listing Simulator immerses finance leaders in the complexities of taking a company public, covering regulatory compliance, investor relations, and the strategic decisions necessary for a successful initial public offering, providing a hands-on experience to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic landscape of public markets.

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