IPO Listing Simulator

Master the Art of Going Public

The IPO Listing Simulator is an immersive simulation that mirrors the real-world experience of guiding VSC through three pivotal phases of the IPO process: preparation, marketing, and deal execution.
In the preparation phase, delve into VSC’s financial health, legal compliance, and corporate governance. Assess financial statements, scrutinize accounting practices, and ensure regulatory alignment. Craft recommendations to fortify VSC’s board structure and governance framework
Transition into the marketing phase where you craft a compelling investor engagement strategy. Identify ideal investors, meticulously plan roadshow presentations, and produce persuasive marketing collateral.
During the deal execution phase you’ll select underwriters, conduct due diligence, and navigate regulatory procedures. Negotiate offering terms, finalize documents, and celebrate the culmination on listing day.
This simulator offers a lifelike experience of the IPO journey, immersing you in financial, legal, and strategic intricacies. Face challenges head-on, make critical decisions, and witness the impact on VSC’s future.

Key Features

GrowCFO’s IPO Listing simulator features the following:
Comprehensive Three-Phase Simulation:

Immerse yourself in a detailed simulation spanning the three critical phases of the IPO process: preparation, marketing, and deal execution. Experience the challenges and decisions faced by IPO professionals in each stage.

Interactive Financial and Legal Audits:

Dive deep into VSC's financial health and legal compliance through interactive audits. Evaluate financial statements, scrutinize accounting practices, and ensure regulatory alignment to fortify VSC's foundation for going public.

Strategic Investor Engagement Planning:

Craft a winning strategy to attract and engage potential investors. Identify target investors, develop compelling roadshow presentations, and create persuasive marketing materials to communicate VSC's value proposition effectively.

Dynamic Deal Execution Simulation:

Experience the adrenaline rush of executing the IPO deal for VSC. Select underwriters, navigate due diligence, and regulatory procedures to bring the offering to fruition. Celebrate the listing day and witness the culmination of your efforts in taking VSC public.

Completion time of 40 hours at your own pace

The simulator should take around 40 hours to complete, although this may vary depending upon your level of skills and experience.

Simulator completion certificate:

Once you have completed all activities and concluded the deal, you will receive a certificate for your CV and LinkedIn profile.

What you will accomplish

Participants will lead and deliver the following tasks:

Who Is It For

The IPO Listing Simulator is specifically designed for:

Finance professionals looking to specialize in IPOs or enhance their existing skills.

Entrepreneurs seeking to take their companies public and requiring in-depth IPO knowledge.

Professionals in related fields interested in expanding their expertise to include IPO processes.

Ready to Master an IPO Listing?

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