Company Sale Simulator

Selling to a Strategic Trade Buyer

The Company Sale Simulator offers a 12-month immersive experience, empowering you to orchestrate a strategic financial exit for a thriving business. With significant debt and equity investment secured, international expansion achieved, and a successful acquisition under your belt, the stage is set for a monumental financial exit. As the steward of this process, you’ll navigate critical stages, from determining shareholder requirements to sealing the deal with a strategic trade buyer.

Throughout the simulator, you’ll delve into deal considerations, identify potential buyers, engage advisors, and refine negotiation skills. Gain insights into company readiness, valuations, and the complexities of legal agreements. You won’t tread this path alone; guides, templates, and model solutions will be at your disposal, fostering a collaborative learning environment enriched by collective wisdom and experiences of seasoned finance leaders.

This transformative journey promises to shape the destiny of your company. By unlocking your full potential, gaining strategic financial prowess, and leading your company to a triumphant financial exit, you’ll embody the essence of success in the world of strategic business exits.

Key Features

GrowCFO’s company sale simulator features the following:

Immersive 12-Month Experience:

Engage in a year-long simulation that mirrors the complexities of orchestrating a strategic financial exit, providing a comprehensive and in-depth learning environment.

Strategic Decision-Making:

Navigate critical stages of the sale process, from identifying potential buyers to fine-tuning negotiation skills, allowing you to make strategic decisions that directly impact the company's future.

Comprehensive Insights :

Gain practical insights into company readiness, valuations, and legal agreements, empowering you with the knowledge needed to drive shareholder value and maximize returns.

Realistic and Dynamic Environment:

Immerse yourself in a realistic and dynamic simulation that simulates the challenges and opportunities encountered during a high-stakes business sale, providing a valuable learning experience.

Transformational Journey:

Unlock your full potential, gain strategic financial prowess, and lead your company to a triumphant financial exit, shaping the destiny of the business with your informed and strategic decisions.

Simulator completion certificate :

Once you have completed all activities and concluded the deal, you will receive a certificate for your CV and LinkedIn profile.

What you will accomplish

Participants will lead and deliver the following tasks:

Who Is It For

The Company Sale Simulator is specifically designed for:

Aspiring and current Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) who want to enhance their expertise in preparing a company for a successful sale.

Finance professionals and leaders involved in strategic decision-making who are seeking to expand their knowledge of the sale process.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who are planning for a future sale and want to gain insights into the intricacies of the company sale journey.

Ready to Sell?

Join the Company Sale Simulator now to gain practical skills, earn your completion certificate, and position yourself as a company sale expert. Start your simulation today at £495* and pave the way for a successful future in navigating complex company sale.

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