2024 Finance Leader Salary Guide


2024 Finance Leader Salary Guide

We are excited about the launch of the 2024 Startup Finance Leader Salary Guide, featuring insights from over 2000 finance professionals. The guide provides detailed analyses on salaries, bonuses, equity, satisfaction scores, and more, offering a valuable benchmarking report focused on CFO & Senior Finance Leader positions within Tech Startups at the Seed – Series C+ stage across the UK.

In 2023, there was downward pressure applied to CFO salaries, driven by startups aiming to reach profitability and extend their financial runway. Additionally, there was a trend of CFO replacement hires experiencing lower base salaries compared to their predecessors, with many CFOs transitioning to part-time roles or being replaced by Fractional CFOs as a cost-cutting measure.

The demand for a well-rounded VP of Finance over CFOs to manage costs has led to increased salaries compared to 2022, especially in later-stage firms. Despite geographical differences, the salary gap between London and the rest of the UK remains relatively small, influenced by the dispersion of talent due to hybrid and remote work setups.

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2024 Finance Leader Salary Guide – Launch Event (Recording)

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