#162 Transforming Doubt into Achievement with Susana Serrano-Davey, CFO Mentor at GrowCFO

Transforming Doubt into Achievement with Susana Serrano-Davey

Susana Serrano-Davey joins Kevin Appleby to discuss transforming doubt into achievement. Susana shares her experience overcoming self-doubt to write and publish a book. She outlines a 7-step methodology spelled by the letters in ACHIEVE: Aspire Fearlessly, Creatively Express, Hold Back and Wait, Innovatively Organize, Embrace Support, Validate Your Journey, and Evolve Beyond Limits.

A – Aspire Fearlessly. This means to just get started on your goal or dream without worrying about success. Take the first step.

C – Creatively Express. Let go of expectations and explore what you’re truly passionate about through creative expression.

H – Hold Back and Wait. Don’t rush the process. Give things time to unfold naturally.

I – Innovatively Organize. Take a fresh look at your situation and resources to find new ways to achieve your goal.

E – Embrace Support. Don’t try to do everything alone. Ask others for help and build a support network.

V – Validate Your Journey. Spend time reflecting on whether you’re moving in the right direction through self-observation.

E – Evolve Beyond Limits. Break free of limiting beliefs about what you think you can or can’t achieve.

Susanna and Kevin discuss applying these steps to goals like writing a book, becoming a CFO, or any goal one doubts they can achieve. Susanna emphasises enjoying the process over fixating on outcomes and finding support from others. This provides practical advice for overcoming doubt and achieving one’s goals and dreams.



Transforming doubt into achievement through goal-setting. (0:12)

Overcoming self-doubt and pursuing creative passions. (2:58)

Creativity, goal-setting, and seeking support. (7:54)

Personal growth and self-awareness in leadership roles. (14:04)

Embracing fearless aspirations and overcoming limits. (20:00)

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