Open an Overseas Office

Open an Overseas Office

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Accelerator Objective:

Expanding overseas is key to many companies’ growth plans. The first stage is often to open an overseas office. While this sounds straightforward there are lots of things you need to consider and plenty that can go wrong. This accelerator will help you navigate your way to a successful opening

The accelerator will provide you with our pre-populated and fully customizable template that gives you the structure needed as a starting point when preparing yourself for an expansion with an office in a new territory. It also illustrates the CFO’s priorities during the process and the need to coordinate activities across many different disciplines. You’ll be able to enhance and modify the digital plan to suit your purposes by assigning milestone objectives, actions, and deadlines. 

Accelerator Brief:

In this Accelerator, you will develop a robust plan to open an overseas office that focuses on:








The plan will show you what needs to be done and allow you to coordinate a cross-functional team that brings together the diverse skills the project will need.