Operational Driver

Modern-day CFOs are taking on ever-increasing operational responsibilities, which have already become a significant part of the CFO’s role and responsibilities. Traditionally, this involved processing the payroll and supporting the HR functions. The next stage was more involvement in overseeing human resources and legal matters, followed by increasing requirements towards managing systems and implementations and managing IT solutions.

Recent trends have also seen CFOs getting more involved in procurement, workforce planning and real estate management. In addition to managing this increasing range of operational activities, CFOs are required to identify profit improvement measures and act as a catalyst for change across the entire organization. These tasks require a number of skills, including influencing, change management, project management, outsourcing, restructuring and integration.

Finance Function Assessment Tool

Assess your department’s current state and identify gaps in its functions. This tool provides a framework for setting up and implementing effective strategies to optimize financial performance, manage risks, and improve the efficiency of finance operations.

By using the Finance Function Assessment tool, finance leaders can develop a roadmap for transforming their department, ensuring that it is aligned with the organization’s goals and adding value to the business.

Business Process Optimization

Focus on improving your company’s efficiency by optimizing its core processes in a targeted and rigorous manner. By identifying and analyzing the critical steps in a business process workflow, this tool will enable your organization to identify areas of inefficiency and make targeted improvements.

Opening an Overseas Office Plan

This is a powerful resource for finance leaders who are considering opening an overseas office. This tool provides a step-by-step guide that covers the typical critical aspects of opening an overseas office, including legal requirements, staffing, financing, and tax implications.

With this tool, finance leaders can easily create a comprehensive plan that takes into account the typical factors that are essential for success in a foreign market. This tool also allows finance leaders to identify potential challenges and develop risk mitigation strategies.

CFO Digital toolkit.