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Understand & Support the Role of your Finance Team

Build a Robust Finance Function for Your Business

Having a strong finance team is essential for any successful business. At GrowCFO, we understand the importance of having a robust finance team, and we offer a range of training and development programs to help businesses achieve this.

Our courses are designed to equip not only the finance team but also the wider leadership team with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions, improve financial performance and drive business growth. By investing in the development of your finance team, you are investing in the future of your business. Let GrowCFO help you build a finance function that is respected and valued across your organization.


Building your Finance Team

How do you structure your finance team?

This report provides valuable insights to help companies make informed decisions about their finance functions during the early stages of their business life cycle journey.

Our market research, company benchmarking and detailed analysis will be an inspiring resource for business leaders looking to build the finance teams of the future that deliver sustainable growth and long-term success.

Download our free report to make informed decisions about your finance team’s size and best practices to:

  • Build an efficient and effective team.
  • Determine what role it needs to play in the future.
  • Better allocate resources for future growth.
  • Fully support the business on its path to success.

What is a CFO and why do you need one?

The Chief Financial Officer job title is one that has a lot of responsibility attached to it, covering both financial and non-financial areas. CFOs are typically responsible for a wide range of tasks, from overseeing financial operations to contributing towards strategic decision-making. It is important to understand the difference between this role and other senior finance positions to properly evaluate the responsibilities associated with each role, although these may vary significantly per company.

When it comes to making sure that your organization is successful, having an experienced and knowledgeable CFO on board is essential. They should be able to provide the necessary support, guidance, and insight to ensure that your company reaches its full potential. A capable Chief Financial Officer can help propel any organization forward – so if you’re looking for someone who can generate significant value and ensure that your company reaches its full potential, then hiring a CFO might be the perfect fit!

Find your next finance team member with the GrowCFO Jobs Board

At GrowCFO, we’ve created a jobs board dedicated to connecting finance professionals with their next opportunity. Our goal is simple; we want to help finance professionals find the next step in their career path by providing them with a platform to explore, connect and advance.


Upskilling your finance team

Appraise your Finance Team with the GrowCFO Competency Framework

The GrowCFO Competency Framework is your answer to elevate your skillset and effectively execute against the changing role of the CFO. This first of its kind free assessment tool will help you benchmark yourself against your finance leader peer group across nine CFO competencies and 45 skill sets.

You will then receive a tailored benchmarking report which clearly highlights your priority focus areas to operate as an effective CFO. You will also be sent a free 120-page eBook to further enhance your skills and personalized recommendations to help address your three biggest skills gaps.

Support & Training for your Finance Leaders

Future CFO Program

Equip your aspiring CFOs with the skills and know-how to confidently deliver their first significant board level CFO role.

CFO Program

Develop your first-time CFO to make a bigger impact across the business and add more value to your company.

CFO Unite

Provide your experienced CFO with a mentor-led peer support group to discuss topical issues and help solve their challenges.


Provide your experienced CFO with a mentor-led peer support group to discuss topical issues and help solve their challenges.

Business Premium

This comprehensive digital toolkit provides access to 18 powerful tools to support six core competencies of the CFO Competency Framework, from Governance and Control to Fundraising & M&A. 

Plus, access to an extensive library of online training courses for you and your finance team. Covering topics within the framework, including planning, budgeting and forecasting, analyzing and reporting performance, Governance and control, ESG, financial modelling and many more.

Business premium ensures you have everything your finance team needs to excel.

Finance Team Member Training

Our online program is comprised of 12 courses designed for finance team members who aspire to become an indispensable part of a thriving finance team. Upon successful completion of each module, they will receive a certificate that can be shared with their manager during appraisals.

20 Finance Team Training Courses

Business Partnering Bootcamp

Great accountants can still struggle to become a successful Finance Business Partners (FBP). While finance skills are crucial, excelling as an FBP requires much more than just number crunching.

The FBP role is to influence decisions. This requires developing strong relationships, delivering insights, and making the numbers meaningful. Our course is designed to help Finance Professionals improve their impact by partnering with the business.

Through real-world examples and experiences, they’ll learn how to apply these skills in their day-to-day work, setting themselves apart from others in finance. 

Click below to find out more and download a course brochure.

Training the wider Leadership team

Finance Essentials for Business Leaders

As a business owner or leader, you know that having a good understanding of finance is essential to make smart and informed decisions. This free course provides you with the knowledge and skills that will help you navigate through financial concepts, principles, planning, cash flow management, and much more. 

Click below to see all 9 course modules. 

If you’re not already a GrowCFO member you’ll be prompted to sign up for free. 


Join the GrowCFO community for free where you can network with other like-minded finance leaders. We offer our members an unparalleled calendar of events and opportunities to network. We look forward to hearing from you in our forum or meeting you at the next event!

Or upgrade to our premium membership where in addition to the free GrowCFO community you’ll receive a number of exclusive premium member benefits.

Membership Packages

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