#179 Transforming the Finance Function with Anthony Perrozzi, Finance Transformation Advisor at FT20M

Transforming theFinance Function with Anthony Perrozzi Finance Transformation Advisor and Coach at FT20M on the GrowCFO Show

Anthony Perrozi is an independent finance transformation advisor, author and coach. Anthony shares his vast experience and practical insights on how finance teams can evolve from mere reporters of results to crucial drivers of business value. He stresses the importance of mindset in transforming finance teams and lays out how to establish a project approach that optimizes existing processes and pinpoints areas needing improvement.

Anthony talks about his journey to becoming a full-time finance transformation expert. Anthony started in accounting but realized there was more to learn outside the textbooks. This led him to take on systems implementation roles and eventually lead transformation projects.

Anthony shared some common pitfalls like not committing enough resources to transformations. Organizations also struggle with requests for proposals that don’t consider the level of effort needed. We discussed the need for client-side advisors to provide strategy and ensure different departments work together smoothly.

Anthony’s approach involves listening sessions with subject matter experts to understand their pain points and map out processes. Fixing these is key before adding new technology like automation. Process improvement is so important for efficiency gains.

When it comes to automation and AI, Anthony stressed the importance of aligned processes and resources first. We can’t just layer technology on top of broken processes. Robotics process automation is commonly used in early automation efforts.

Driving the need for change often comes down to issues like errors and wasted time on non-value activities. A big future challenge will be increasing understanding of what transformation really means and how to do it effectively. Our finance transformation bootcamp aims to help with that.



Introducing finance transformation with expert Anthony Perrozzi. (0:11)

Finance transformation and intercompany accounting. (2:27)

Finance transformation challenges and solutions. (5:45)

Improving business processes through client-side advisors. (11:58)

Process improvement for business efficiency. (18:08)

Transforming businesses through automation and AI. (24:10)

Transforming finance teams and education. (31:21)

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