#66 Finance Team Training with Dan Wells, Founder at GrowCFO

Dan Wells and Kevin Appleby discuss the recent GrowCFO survey of finance team training and development needs

Many finance leaders have approached GrowCFO asking for help with training their finance teams: what sort of training and development does my team need? What should it cover? And how should it be delivered?

In this episode, Dan Wells and Kevin Appleby discuss the requirements and options for effective finance team training and development. We draw valuable insights from our 2021 survey of over 200 finance leaders. There is a clear need for a broad range of skills training, ranging from financial topics such as cost control to soft skills such as communications.

Self-paced online finance team training is popular, but many leaders still favour in-person training and where possible, have this bespoke to their organisation’s requirements. We talk you through GrowCFO’s team training online courses, mentoring and coaching, workshops, and team-building events and their benefits.

Our team training resources are designed to cover the topics that will have the most impact on your team and organisation, free up your own time by delegating more, and improve your ability to retain your best staff.



  • 00:59 Finance leader training survey results
  • 02:16 The training deficit caused by the pandemic
  • 03:43 The four most sought-out areas of development
  • 05:15 Bespoke workshops available to you
  • 07:13 Online training (courses, mentoring and coaching, workshops, and team-building)
  • 08:09 The 10 most popular topics for training
  • 10:53 The typical time needed to complete an online course
  • 13:16 Cost-effectiveness of online training
  • 15:11 Saving your time by enabling you to delegate additional tasks
  • 16:01 Why investment in training and development helps you retain your best staff
  • 18:11 Taxation and local regulations
  • 20:35 How to find out more

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