#160 Somebody Has to Be the Best, So Why Not You? With Wassia Kamon

Somebody has to be the best why not you with Wassia Kamon

Wassia Kamon was the guest on episode 118. It’s a year since that recording was made. A lot can happen in 12 months. Wassia changed jobs, moved to a different sector, and was promoted in her first three months. She has also risen to fame as an influencer on LinkedIn and has been published in the Wall Street Journal. Somebody has to be the best, so why not you? It was clearly visible behind Wassia as we recorded. It makes a great title for this episode.

This episode provides valuable insights into how Wassia Kamon has developed her career over the past year through building soft skills like networking and personal branding. Some key lessons include:

  • The importance of personal branding on LinkedIn to raise your profile and open up new opportunities
  • How networking, both online and offline, can help make career-changing connections
  • Developing a strategy for onboarding yourself into a new role in an unfamiliar industry or sector
  • Managing imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs by surrounding yourself with a diverse “board of directors” for support and feedback
  • Continually learning new skills beyond just certifications to stay relevant and advance to more strategic leadership roles

Overall, this discussion highlights the soft skills needed to successfully pivot careers, industries, and accelerate your progression even in a tough job market. Listeners will take away practical advice on networking, personal development, and onboarding themselves for future success.



What’s happened to Wassia in the last 12 months? (0:12)

Personal branding. (1:22)

Career growth in finance and accounting. (5:37)

Imposter syndrome, and onboarding in a new industry. (12:20)

Personal development (18:51)

Career growth and management with a focus on personal experiences and insights. (25:12)

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