#126 Funded Female Founders with David B Horne, author and founder at Funding Focus

David B Horne, author of Funded Female Founders joins Kevin Appleby on The GrowCFO Show to discuss the issues that face both women and ethnic minorities when pitching for funding

David B Horne joins Kevin Appleby on this week’s #growcfoshow to discuss his book Funded Female Founders: How to traverse the uneven playing field and secure funding to grow your business.

The share of funding secured by female founders is unfairly and disproportionately low. A state of affairs that has remained unchanged for many years despite advances made in other areas of gender equality in business. The truth is that there is clear and consistent bias against female founders.

We discuss the extent of the problem of all female teams being rejected for funding and examine the root causes. David explains that the problem isn’t restricted to women founders but also applies to ethnic minorities.

David goes on to explain how women can approach the problem and get results and talks about his new fund that is expressly purposed to help female founders and founders from minority groups.



00:11 Introducing David B Horne.

03:50 David’s new book, Funded Female Founders.

08:11 Why is the investment world dominated by white male investors?

13:24 What’s going to change in the world in the long term.

18:49 David’s pitch deck and how it’s different for men and women.

22:44 Why you need to know who else is doing what you’re doing.

26:33 The best way to raise funds -.

29:39 Crowdfunding is a very interesting thing.

34:54 David’s vision for the future of startups.

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