Georgia Wilson Secures Her First Group CFO Position in an Exciting Scaleup

“GrowCFO gave me the confidence to secure my first Group CFO role much sooner than I had originally anticipated, which has accelerated my career progression.”

Georgia Wilson was appointed Group CFO of Together Group whilst participating in GrowCFO’s Future CFO Programme and receiving professional mentoring from GrowCFO. Together Group is a global cutting-edge marketing and advertising agency with hundreds of employees. The group was founded by Paul Sheehy and Brad Fry in 2017.

Together Group has grown significantly since its formation in 2017 and is now a powerhouse for strategy, branding, HR, digital innovation, eCommerce and growth.  Within four years, they had grown so quickly that they needed to hire a full-time global Group CFO into their management team.

Setting the bar high

Together Group relies on the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of agency founders to join their platform. They needed to hire a global Group CFO who could bring a wealth of financial expertise to the table, whilst fitting nicely into their culture.

They set the bar extremely high during their selection process and were delighted to welcome Georgia into their team after a long and intense search.

An ambitious mindset

Georgia is a senior finance professional with over a decade of experience from a variety of industries, including PE-backed, high-growth and publicly-listed companies. 

Georgia’s family motto is to be ambitious. She dares to dream, thinks boldly and works hard to make those dreams come true, serving as a role model for many others.

Why Georgia joined GrowCFO

Georgia decided to join GrowCFO to network with like-minded finance professionals, to learn from the personal stories of successful CFOs and to access CPD approved training materials.

Upon joining GrowCFO’s Future CFO Programme, Georgia completed The GrowCFO Competency Framework and selected her professional mentor. This helped to create a clear roadmap towards landing her dream Group CFO role.

It was liberating to learn that very few people are ever fully ready to step into their first CFO role, but that you can still achieve this by adopting a growth mindset approach. 

Securing the role

Armed with confidence and insight from GrowCFO’s activities, Georgia set the goal of achieving the CFO position much sooner than she had originally anticipated. When she got the invitation to meet the Together Group CEO to have a conversation regarding their CFO role, Georgia was ready for it.  She has since made a fantastic start and is really enjoying working with her fabulous colleagues.