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Team discussing business analytics or intelligence dashboard on digital tablet and discussing graphs

How GrowCFO Instantly Benefited From Power BI

At GrowCFO, we understand that financial and non-financial data is essential in driving successful businesses. That’s why we have harnessed...
finance transformation project

How to Deliver a Finance Transformation Project

A Finance transformation project is essential for supporting your company's needs. Every finance function has an important role to play...
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Power BI Financial Reporting

Power BI financial reporting is rapidly becoming one of the most essential tools for the modern finance function and monthly...
Two finance leaders undertaking a cost reduction exercise

Cost Reduction Strategies for Finance Leaders

Cost reduction is key for any business looking to stay competitive in today's market, and there are several strategies that...
Discussion of strategies

Contribute More Towards Strategy: The Essential Guide for Finance Leaders

Contributing towards strategy is one of the most important roles of a finance leader. This involves looking at the long-term...
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Make More Impact in Board Meetings: The Essential Guide for Finance Leaders

A finance leader has two key objectives during a board meeting: to deliver a compelling CFO board report and to...
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Build Stronger Relationships: The Essential Guide for Finance Leaders

Trusted relationships are integral to the success of finance leaders, especially in times of uncertainty. As a leader, it's important...

Enhance Your Communication: The Essential Guide for Finance Leaders

Communicating effectively is fundamental to your finance leader role and significantly impacts everything that you do. It allows you to...
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Change Your Perception: The Essential Guide for Finance Leaders

The role of a finance function has changed significantly in recent decades. Despite this, most finance functions still carry the...
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Improve Your Gravitas: The Essential Guide for Finance Leaders

A large number of finance leaders highlight the need to improve their gravitas and perception. Many feel that they are...