#99 How to be a Changemaker with Alex Budak, Author, Social Entrepreneur and UC Berkley Haas Business School

How to become a changemaker with Alex Budak and Kevin Appleby on the GrowCFO Show

Alex Budak joins the GrowCFO show on the same day that his new book “Becoming a Changemaker” is published. Quite a coup for the podcast! The book is an excellent read for anyone wanting to become a changemaker, in particular for finance leaders wanting to enhance their ability to be a catalyst for change.

As a faculty member at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Alex created and teaches the wildly popular course “Becoming a Changemaker,” which has quickly grown into one of the most highly-rated courses anywhere on campus. The course is regularly heralded by students as “transformative” and “life-changing” but has only been accessible to students attending UC Berkeley. That all changes from today as the course is condensed into a book accessible by anyone.

The Becoming a Changemaker playbook is a guide for anyone looking to lead positive change. It covers the mindsets and leadership skills needed to navigate, shape, and lead change, as well as how to thrive in uncertain times. The book is tailored to millennials and Gen Zers who are leaving school and entering the workforce. It is based on the popular UC Berkeley course by the same name, which students have praised as transformative and life-changing.



00:51 Alex explains his background

02:26 Book being published on 13 September 2022

04:05 Change and the CFO

06:17 Technology and change

10:02 Can the changemaker skill be learned?

10:36 The Changemaker index

12:33 Dealing with resistance to change

15:06 Involving people in the change

18:28 Champions, fence-sitters and cynics

23:03 Impact = (mindset+leadership) x action

25:24 Who is the book aimed at?

28:06 How did you get involved in teaching “Changemaker”?

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