#96 My Journey to Become a Business Transformation Specialist with Toni Betts, Group FD at The Travel Chapter

My journey to become a transformation specialist Toni Betts joins Kevin Appleby of The GrowCFO Show

The role of a finance transformation leader is a complex one. It requires someone with great technical skills, as well as strong people skills. A successful finance transformation leader must be able to manage and motivate their team, while also being able to communicate effectively with other members of the organization. Toni Betts, group finance director at The Travel Chapter is one of those successful transformation leaders and she shares her journey with Kevin Appleby on this episode of The GrowCFO Show.

One of the most important qualities of a successful finance transformation leader is the ability to manage and motivate their team. A finance transformation is a complex undertaking that requires the efforts of many individuals. A great leader will be able to keep their team on track and focused on the goal. They will also be able to motivate their team when things get tough.

In addition to being a great manager, a finance transformation leader must also be an effective communicator. This is important because they will need to communicate with other members of the organization, such as the CEO and CFO. They will also need to communicate with vendors and other outside parties. Effective communication is essential for ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that the transformation goes smoothly.

Great people skills are essential for anyone looking to lead a finance transformation. A successful leader will be able to manage and motivate their team, while also being an effective communicator. If you have these qualities, then you may be well suited for this important role.



01:39 Toni’s new group FD role

02:04 When did you decide to become an accountant?

04:50 Qualifying in an audit practice

06:52 Toni’s first role outside practice and moving on to join American Express

08:10 Being part of a great leadership programme

09:46 Stepping out of your comfort zone: You need to get comfortable with leadership skills and push yourself to use them

11:32 Susan Jeffers – Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

12:03 Moving on from American Express

15:09 Becoming a finance transformation expert

16:43 Learning from experience

20:24 Some of the practical challenges of transforming finance teams

24:14 Technology is forcing finance to change

25:03 What advice would you give other finance leaders?

27:42 Personal Awareness and feedback from others

29:01 The importance of how you present over what you are presenting

30:45 What does Toni Betts do to avoid stress and burnout?

32:37 What’s the biggest challenge in your new group FD role?

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