#88 Performance=Potential-Interference with Julian O’Neill, CFO at Ardent Hire Solutions

Kevin Appleby is joined by Julian O'Neill on the GrowCFO Show. We look at how Julian uses P=P+I to get the best out of his finance team

In order to achieve success, you must remove any interference that stands in the way of your potential. This is the principle of performance = potential – interference, or P=P-I for short. This equation is a simple but powerful way to think about success and how to achieve it. In this episode, Kevin Appleby is joined by Julian O’Neill and we look at how Julian uses P=P-I every day to get the best out of his finance team and others that work with him. We discuss the factors that contribute to interference and how you can eliminate them to reach your full potential.

Interference can come from many sources. It can be external, such as the people and environment around you, or it can be internal, such as your own thoughts and emotions. Both types of interference can prevent you from reaching your potential and achieving success.

External interference is often beyond your control. You may not be able to change the people or circumstances around you, but you can control how you react to them. Internal interference is entirely within your control. Your thoughts and emotions are yours to choose from, so make sure they are positive and supportive of your goals.

Whenever you find yourself facing interference, remember the P=P-I equation. Performance = Potential – Interference. Eliminate the interference and reach your full potential. You are capable of great things. Go out and achieve them.

Julian O’Neill is CFO of Ardent Hire Solutions and previously appeared on episode 81 of The GrowCFO Show where he described his career path to his current CFO role.



01:02 What is P=P-I

04:35 Examples of things that cause interference

08:45 Start Stop Continue

10:10 The importance of “Stop” and making space for new things

11:12 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam – Do an audit of how you use your time

11:40 Getting rid of unnecessary tasks and meetings

16:00 Long hours at work are counterproductive

19:11 The need to be flexible with time

22:12 Finding space to think

26:00 What defines potential?

28:41 Most people dont show up to do a poor job

30:30 Sensing when somebody isn’t quite right

32:28 The complication of working remotely

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