Strategy Programme

Everything you need to design, build and implement your company strategy

Research suggests that most first-time CFOs have never previously been involved in strategy and struggle to make a significant impact during their first few roles. You may be an expert in financial planning and accounting but lack experience in developing and implementing the strategic plans.

Well-respected CFOs are involved in their company’s strategic planning process from start to finish. Their opinions command authority and respect during the strategy formation; they document the required actions across each milestone; and they ensure the successful delivery of the business plan.

Conversely, less experienced CFOs are often excluded from the strategic planning process, feeling left out of key discussions and struggling to influence outcomes. This can easily devalue your role, weaken your board-level impact and stagnate your future career trajectory.

The GrowCFO Strategy Programme gives you the knowledge, skills and toolkits to confidently position yourself as the co-pilot to your CEO. It helps elevate you into an influential leader who plays a significant role in developing, documenting, and implementing your company’s strategy.

Key Features

The GrowCFO Strategy Programme allows you to design your ideal tailored plan from the following items:

Market-leading strategy software

Access world-class software with the essential tools needed to create, document and monitor your strategic plan. Assign actions and deadlines to the owners of each strategic objective.

Popular strategy templates

Flexible templates designed to support CFOs and leadership teams of ambitious high-growth companies. Deliver growth, internationalization and exit planning strategies.

Online Course

Complete the Strategy Course covering the CFO’s role in strategy, the six-step strategy process, your strategy route map, designing strategic objectives, developing KPIs, and managing strategic risks.

Peer group workshops

Attend six two-hour workshops led by a specialist strategy mentor. You will design and build a real-life strategy using our toolkits and templates.

Customized workshops

Tailored strategy workshops for you and your leadership team, chaired by a specialist strategy mentor. Delivered remotely or in person.

Professional mentoring

Engage an experienced professional mentor with strong strategy expertise to support you in taking on more responsibility in your company’s strategy.

Market-leading Strategy Software

Our software solution enables you to formulate your strategic plan, clearly communicate it to your business, and successfully deliver each component

Formulate a plan

Be guided through simple modules expertly created to help you build the right plan for your business. Access tried and tested tools, real-life strategy examples and intelligent suggestions to take the pain out of strategic planning.

  • Tailored strategy templates
  • Strategy tools to craft your plan
  • Real-world examples across most sectors
  • Strategic objective, goal and metric builder

Communicate it clearly

Now sing it from the rooftops! Make sure everyone in your company knows the plan and is behind it. Keep them engaged and in the loop with highly captivating, effortless communications using automated updates.

  • Automated visuals
  • Strategy message feed
  • Timely notifications
  • Automated updates

Nail the execution

It’s time for action. Easily turn your strategic plan into actionable objectives, tasks and checklists by using task management tools to assign owners, to-do lists and progress trackers against each component of your strategy.

  • Reporting dashboards
  • Strategic task management
  • Clear ownership and accountability
  • Flexible task views

Popular Strategy Templates

Our popular templates help fast track your strategy formation, documentation and implementation throughout each significant phase of your company life cycle


Creating a plan for scaling your company is essential during any growth strategy to identify your key infrastructure investments, deliver your revenue targets and ensure that your business continues to thrive as it grows into a much larger and more complex organization.

The Growth Strategy template provides a blueprint of the main activities required to:

  • Define objectives and measure progress
  • Prioritize your infrastructure investments
  • Finance your growth initiatives
  • Identify your target customers
  • Develop your value proposition
  • Create a sales and marketing plan


International markets offer hugely lucrative opportunities to most businesses and typically play a huge role in your growth ambitions. You will need a compelling strategy to successfully land in each new market and capture strong market share throughout your main products.

The Internationalization Strategy template presents the key activities required to:

  • Thoroughly research each new territory
  • Set up your local business operations
  • Develop a localized marketing strategy
  • Create a strong local brand
  • Build a solid team to capture the market
  • Measure, track and adjust your approach

Exit Planning

Most shareholders, investors and management incentive schemes are targeting a successful future sale of your business that provides a life-changing reward. It is essential that you build a robust strategy to maximize the value of your company to potential acquirers.

The Exit Planning Strategy template outlines the common activities required to:

  • Optimize growth rates
  • Streamline your business model
  • Mitigate each of your risks
  • Simplify your legal structure
  • Prepare for the deal process
  • Maximize your company value

Our Strategy Programme

Our strategy plans all cover these six steps:

Are you ready to develop your strategy skills?

Join us at the next GrowCFO Strategy Bootcamp

The bootcamp takes you through the strategy programme in a series of daily workshops over the course of a week.

You learn about developing and communicating a strategy for your own business and document that strategy using the GrowCFO strategy software.

By the end of the week you will have an outline strategy for your business you can share and build upon with the rest of your leadership team and a strategy map you can develop and implement.