#189 CFO and CHRO Working Together with Rachel Anevski, CEO at Matters of Management LLC

Kevin Appleby and Rachel Anevski discuss the importance of collaboration between the CFO and HR departments for organizational development and infrastructure. Rachel emphasizes the crucial role of HR in providing fractional human resource executives to support business growth. They also cover the roles of CFOs and CHROs in managing people and payroll, emphasizing the need for a separate role to handle these aspects of the business. They also discuss the urgent need for finance teams to adapt to digital transformation, AI, and an aging workforce, highlighting the importance of reskilling and upskilling the finance team to remain competitive.

Key topics covered include:

  • The roles of the CFO and CHRO, and how they should collaborate on areas like culture, recruitment, retention, and people management strategies.
  • How fractional CHROs can help reduce the workload on CFOs by taking over tasks like payroll administration and providing strategic HR insights.  
  • The impact of finance transformation and AI on the finance team, and the need to upskill/reshape teams through collaboration between CFOs and CHROs.
  • Challenges in retaining and recruiting talent for the finance industry due to a lack of cultural alignment, perceptions of the industry, and insufficient investment in retraining and developing employees.
  • Potential tensions between CFOs and CHROs due to CFOs’ focus on control and segregation of duties versus CHROs’ partnership approach.



  • 0:00-0:03:11 – Introduction and speaker backgrounds
  • 0:03:11-0:06:11 – CFO’s role in managing people and potential issues
  • 0:06:11-0:09:18 – How CFOs and CHROs should collaborate and fractional CHRO benefits
  • 0:09:18-0:11:57 – Impact of finance transformation on finance teams
  • 0:11:57-0:14:32 – Aging workforce challenges in finance and potential for retraining
  • 0:14:32-0:16:46 – Recruitment and retention issues for the finance industry
  • 0:16:46-0:21:23 – Reasons for high turnover rates and negative perceptions of finance careers
  • 0:21:23-0:25:14 – Importance of investing in employee development
  • 0:25:14-0:28:57 – Potential tensions between CFO and CHRO roles due to mindsets
  • 0:28:57-0:30:06 – Importance of CFO-CHRO collaboration

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