#181 The Effect of AI on the Workforce with Randy Wootton CEO at Maxio

The Effect of AI on the Workforce with Randy Wootton CEO at Maxio on the GrowCFO Show

Randy Wootton is an experienced technology executive with over 20 years of experience in corporate leadership roles. He joins Kevin Appleby as a guest on the GrowCFO Show ahead of appearing as a panellist at the GrowCFO Global Finance Summit. He has served as CEO of three startups: Rocket Fuel, Percolate, and Maxio. Randy spent 8 years in the U.S. Navy before transitioning to the corporate sector with Microsoft and Salesforce. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master’s in Great Books.

At Maxio, Randy leads a business that helps B2B SaaS companies unlock their next stage of growth. Maxio’s Billing and Financial operations platform is designed to meet the unique financial challenges of B2B SaaS companies. This includes billing, subscription management, revenue and expense recognition, and SaaS analytics.

Throughout his career, Randy has developed expertise in go-to-market strategies and helping technology companies scale. He advocates using AI to transform industries like marketing, finance, and accounting. He is passionate about leveraging technology to solve business problems and drive efficiency.

In conversation with Kevin, Randy discussed his experiences with AI and machine learning, including using it at a previous company for programmatic advertising. He shared how he now uses AI tools like ChatGPT to research and write articles. Randy and Kevin also discussed AI’s potential impacts on industries like content creation, accounting, and finance. Specifically, they touched on how AI could address labor shortages in accounting by automating data processing and freeing up professionals for higher-level work.

Randy and Kevin outlined future AI use cases and will expand on these at the upcoming GrowCFO global finance summit. Previous podcast guest Aneal Vallarupali, CFO at Airbase also features in this session.



Career progression from military to CEO of 3 startups. (0:10)

AI and business leadership with a seasoned CEO. (2:19)

AI’s impact on content creation, including the use of chatbots for research and writing. (7:03)

AI’s impact on the accounting profession, including automation, labour shortages, and new roles. (12:07)

Charting the Future: Expert Perspectives on Finance and AI Trends at the Global Finance Summit (17:44)

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