Implementation Skills


The Implementation section is where you’re going to be creating a lot of value within the business.

There are three key competencies within Implementation Skills: Strategic Business Partner, Catalyst for Change and Fundraising and M&A.

Strategic Business Partner

Today, CFOs are expected to be strategic business partners to the CEO, executive team and the wider business. You must not only be expert number-crunchers, but also strong communicators and strategic thinkers. Read more >>

Catalyst for Change

As a CFO, you have a unique opportunity to act as a catalyst for change and drive change initiatives throughout your organization. You can help promote innovation and creativity, while also ensuring that the financial health of the company remains strong. Read more >>

Fundraising and M&A

Most companies encounter significant fundraising, acquisition and shareholder liquidity events at some point during their business life cycle. The finance leader needs to be prepared for each process and will play a key role in leading the entire process. Read more >>

Assess and Develop Your CFO Competencies

Explore the rest of The GrowCFO Competency Framework and take advantage of the following resources to assess and develop your strengths and skills gaps.

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