The Impact section is where you are helping to maximise the value of everything you are doing across the role.

There are three key competencies within Impact Skills: Leadership, Commercial Mindset, and Soft skills.


As a CFO, you are required to effectively lead your finance functions and to act as a business leader across your wider firm. Your leadership skills will also be required across many other aspects of your role, for example as a trusted board member, whilst leading meetings and championing initiatives. Read more >>

Commercial Mindset

Possessing a strong commercial awareness is being able to look beyond the finance function and take a big picture view of the organisation, while still aligning that view with the company’s strategy and values. Doing this makes you well-placed to drive significant growth and value throughout your business. Read more >>

Soft Skills

The modern-day finance leader requires more soft skills and core qualities than ever before. There are many examples of when finance leaders require well-developed soft skills including leading your team, driving change and interacting with the board. Read more >>

Assess and Develop Your CFO Competencies

Explore the rest of The GrowCFO Competency Framework and take advantage of the following resources to assess and develop your strengths and skills gaps.

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