The Foundation section is all about helping you to manage risk and preserve the assets of the business. It is also about making sure you have all the foundations in place to be able to generate all the data and the information you need to deliver the rest of your role.

There are three key competencies within Foundation Skills: Governance and Control, Operational Driver, and Financial Planning & Analysis.

Governance & Control

Governance and control is one of the core foundations within any finance leader role. Any shortfalls will seriously undermine your credibility and will diminish your ability to exert influence across the business. Read more >>

Operational Driver

CFOs play a huge role in leading operations. Many modern-day CFOs concurrently oversee many different teams with varying cultures and dedicate significant time toward ensuring that all their functions are running smoothly. Read more >>


A key role of the finance function is to deliver value-added insights to the rest of the organisation. Data is becoming increasingly vital to the success of businesses and needs to be properly captured, analysed and presented to a wide range of both internal and external stakeholders. Read more >>

Assess and Develop Your CFO Competencies

Explore the rest of The GrowCFO Competency Framework and take advantage of the following resources to assess and develop your strengths and skills gaps.

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