Mentoring & Coaching

The best finance teams consist of individuals who each deliver their full potential in a highly aligned manner to comfortably achieve your finance function’s goals and to outperform your company’s expectations.

Our GrowCFO professional mentors and coaches have significant experience of working with finance team members through both individual and group sessions.

Many finance team members unnecessarily suffer from recurring constraints that can easily be overcome. These impact on their individual effectiveness and overall ability to thrive within their roles. We will quickly identify the biggest challenges that are holding people back from becoming the best version of themselves.

This creates more opportunities for you to delegate complex tasks and to support the wider business to deliver your company’s strategic priorities.

Our approach is to set learning and development objectives to help people overcome their biggest personal challenges and to measure their progress over time.

GrowCFO will provide your team members with the confidence to deliver their existing roles effectively and to feel ready to take on additional responsibilities as your organisation grows.

Please reach out to discuss your team training needs.

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