Operational driver

Dan Wells · February 3, 2021

Modern-day CFOs are taking on ever-increasing operational responsibilities and this has already become a significant part of the CFO role and responsibilities.

Traditionally, this involved performing the payroll and supporting the HR functions.  The next stage was more involvement in overseeing human resources and legal matters, followed by increasing requirements towards managing systems and implementations and managing IT solutions.

Recent trends have also seen CFOs getting more involved in procurement, workforce planning and real estate management.  In addition to managing this increasing range of operational activities, CFOs are required to identify profit improvement measures and to act as a catalyst for change across the entire organisation.

These tasks require a number of skills including influencing, change management, project management, outsourcing, restructuring and integration.

During this module, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of the CFO’s operations role and how much time you should be spending on it;
  • Learn the key requirements to act as an effective operational driver;
  • Listen to best practice suggestions and case studies from experienced CFOs;
  • Assess your current level of achievement within this competency;
  • Develop your future skills regarding project management; and
  • Create your development plan for becoming an outstanding operational driver.

Themes covered within this Module include:

  1. Leading operations;
  2. Implementing and integrating systems;
  3. Optimising processes;
  4. Embedding finance across the business; and
  5. Capturing data and creating dashboards.

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