#150 episodes of the GrowCFO Show: A Retrospective with Kevin Appleby

150 episodes of the GrowCFO Show, a Retrospective with Kevin Appleby

Kevin Appleby introduces the 150th episode of The GrowCFO Show and looks back over the last three years of podcasting. The show has covered many topics and featured well over 100 guests. In this episode, Kevin reveals which ones have attracted the most interest from you—the listener.

You might be a CFO with many years of experience or still be trying to land your first CFO role. Whichever it is, the podcast should bring something for you. We’ve covered many different personal development topics, looked at hot current issues, examined the state of the economy, and talked about how to raise finance and the impact of recent events. But which ones mattered to you?

Here’s the top 12 episodes of the GrowCFO Show:

  1. Episode 132 How to Empower Your Finance Team with Myles Downey, Author Speaker and Leadership Coach
  2. Episode 142 How to Approach a Difficult Conversation with Catherine Clark, Head of Mentoring at GrowCFO
  3. Episode 91 Building Financial Models in Excel with Giles Male and Myles Arnott, Founders at Full Stack Modeller
  4. Episode 67 First 100 Days in Your New Finance Role with Dan Wells founder at GrowCFO
  5. Episode 30 CFO Competency Framework with Dan Wells
  6. Episode 102 How to Gain Control of Your Time with Laura Vanderkam, speaker and author of 168 hours.
  7. Episode 137 Subscription Pricing and Packaging with Wolter Rebergen Commercial Director at Younium
  8. Episode 123 Becoming a Transformational CFO with Yoana Land, CFO Transformation at L’Oreal North America
  9. Episode 118 Influencing Without Authority with Wassia Kamon, VP Finance & Accounting at ACM Chemistries
  10. Episode 119 How to Implement a Cashflow Forecasting system with Timothee Clement, Country Manager at Agicap
  11. Episode 101 How to Become a Great Finance Business Partner with Oliver Deacon, Former FD at Microsoft
  12. Episode 133 How to win at your next finance job interview with Susana Serrano-Davey, GrowCFO Mentor and Author


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