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Efficiently Extract, Transform, and Load Financial Data with Power Query.
Simplify and accelerate data transformation, establish robust data connections, and perform thorough data cleansing to ensure your financial analyses are based on accurate and up-to-date information.
Hosted By Dan Stockdale
Lead Facilitator, UK, Europe & US

Power Query Course Overview

In this comprehensive Power Query course, we take you on a journey to become a data transformation and cleansing wizard. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this course will equip you with the skills and techniques needed to unlock the full potential of Power Query. From extracting data from various sources to transforming and cleaning it, Power Query will become your go-to tool for data preparation. Discover how to handle complex data structures, merge and append tables, perform calculations, and apply advanced transformations effortlessly. With hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you’ll gain practical experience in using Power Query to solve common data challenges. Say goodbye to manual data manipulation and welcome automated workflows that save you time and eliminate errors.

Who the Power Query course is for

Finance Professionals: This course is designed for finance professionals, including financial analysts, accountants, and financial planners. By enrolling in the Power Query course, these individuals can elevate their data transformation and data cleansing skills, enabling them to streamline data preparation, establish robust data connections, and enhance data accuracy. Power Query empowers finance professionals to optimize their data workflows, ensuring that their financial analyses and reports are based on reliable and up-to-date information, ultimately supporting more informed financial decision-making.

Finance Leaders: Finance leaders, such as CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), finance managers, and finance directors, rely on strategic insights derived from financial data to guide their organizations to success. The Power Query course equips finance leaders with the expertise to effectively manipulate financial data, establish real-time data connections, and create data-driven financial insights. By leveraging Power Query, finance leaders can make informed strategic decisions, enhance financial operations, and maximize profitability, thus fulfilling their crucial roles in driving their organizations forward.

Data Analysts: Data analysts, while not traditionally focused on finance, play an essential role in extracting meaningful insights from financial data. Power Query offers robust data manipulation and visualization capabilities that enable data analysts to analyze financial data, identify trends, and generate valuable insights. Completing the Power Query course empowers data analysts with finance-related interests to expand their skill set, becoming proficient in using Power Query to extract actionable intelligence from extensive financial datasets. This proficiency enhances their ability to deliver valuable financial insights and supports more data-driven decision-making within their organizations.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

The Skills You’ll Learn on the Power Query Course

Efficient Data Transformation:

Master the art of streamlining, automating, and optimizing data transformation processes, saving time and effort in data preparation.

Data Connection Mastery:

Learn how to effortlessly connect to various data sources, ensuring you always have access to up-to-date financial data for your analyses.

Data Cleansing Expertise:

Enhance data accuracy by mastering data cleansing techniques, allowing you to eliminate inconsistencies and errors from your datasets.

Dynamic Reporting:

Create interactive and dynamic financial reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights to stakeholders, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Workflow Optimization:

Optimize and streamline your financial analysis workflows for greater efficiency, enabling you to work smarter and accomplish more in less time.

Power Query & DAX Skills:

Gain confidence in using Power Query and DAX to automate financial tasks, making your processes more efficient and error-free.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Develop the skills to support data-driven decision-making within your organization, providing actionable insights for improved financial performance.

Adaptability and Agility:

Be prepared to adapt to changing business needs with agility and confidence, thanks to your newfound skills in data transformation and analysis.

Why Power Query?
Your data transformation and cleansing wizard

In today’s finance landscape, Power Query has emerged as the essential skill sought after by forward-thinking professionals who are eager to replace tedious manual processes with dynamic data transformations, ensuring more valuable and error-free financial reporting.


• Make Connections to data in Salesforce, Excel and Xero
• Bring all data into one common place


• Shape data to prepare for analysis
• All transformation recorded to automatically reapply in future


• Load data into Power BI or Excels in form of tables
• Continue with Gross Margin Analysis

Streamlining Data Transformation

Key Features

Data Transformation

Power Query simplifies and accelerates data transformation processes, making it easier to prepare data for analysis.

Data Connection

Connect to various data sources, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial data.

Data Cleansing

Remove inconsistencies and errors from datasets, enhancing data accuracy.

Issues Solved

Source Complexity

Power Query can handle complex data sources, making it easier to integrate data from diverse platforms.

Inaccurate Data

By automating data cleansing, Power Query reduces the likelihood of errors due to inaccurate data.

Time-Intensive Cleaning

Manual data cleaning is time-consuming and error-prone, a challenge Power Query efficiently addresses.

Meet Your Instructor

Dan Stockdale
Lead Facilitator
UK, Europe and US

Hi, I’m Dan Stockdale.

I’m a Power BI Online Trainer who also works as a Financial Modeller for London Business School. I’m an ex-PwC consultant specializing in strategic, operational and financial modelling.

I’ve delivered management accountant, financial analyst and commercial analyst roles at BBC Worldwide, WPP, Vue Entertainment and DAZN.

I am CIMA qualified and currently train finance professionals across the globe through a number of market leading financial training institutions.

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