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GrowCFO for Finance Teams

The team membership gives your team members access to absolutely everything in GrowCFO. You will see that there’s a lot more in the training area in addition to the team training modules!

Starting January 2022, a new course will be released each month until all 10 courses are published. We are releasing courses in order of priority informed by a large survey of finance leaders to hopefully address your finance team’s most pressing needs.

No, your team members may enrol and complete the courses in any order they desire and find most useful.

It’s down to individual team members to enrol in individual courses, so we suggest you discuss training priorities with each member of your team and agree which courses are most appropriate. We have provided a personal learning plan document to help you with this. The planning document is optional and is available to you if you want to use it.

Each course takes an estimated time of 10 hours to complete to comply with CPD accreditation. However, the time spent on each course is down to the individual, as it depends on how much effort they want to put into the practical exercises and any of the optional extra material that is included. This may easily extend beyond the baseline of 10 hours.

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