Team Building

GrowCFO believes that finance functions should regularly organise team building events that fulfil the following objectives:

  • Communicate your finance function’s main objectives and future direction;
  • Showcase your team’s expertise, celebrate achievements and recognise key contributions.
  • Provide a safe environment for people to open up about their feelings and challenges;
  • Develop your team members to help them deliver your future strategy; and
  • Create time for people to relax and unwind from their daily challenges.

These should be fun interactive events where each person feels properly listened to and fully supported.

Our experienced GrowCFO team of professional mentors will work alongside you in a flexible manner to design and deliver an impactful event that covers each of these objectives.

Here are some examples of the many ways in which GrowCFO can support your finance team building activities:

  1. Provide a group of professional mentors to design and deliver a team-building away day at a venue of your choice;
  2. Create an interactive virtual event led by a combination of GrowCFO’s professional mentors and key members of your team;
  3. Facilitate specific workshops at one of your team events to cover your significant challenges and other hot topics;
  4. Benchmark your team’s skill sets versus their most relevant peer groups within third party companies;
  5. Survey your finance team members to obtain anonymous feedback on their views about working in your finance function,
  6. Deliver group mentoring to help your team overcome their biggest challenges towards fulfilling their full potential;
  7. Host concurrent breakout room workshops that address an optional selection of key focus areas within your team;
  8. Act as an independent voice and create a safe environment for people to open up about their challenges;
  9. Collate and present valuable insights that compare your finance team’s performance to other similar companies; and
  10. Provide keynote speakers to present a key theme that establishes the framework for your finance team event.

Please reach out to discuss your team training needs.

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