Finance Team Development Programme

Develop your Finance Team

As the finance leader, you are responsible for creating a high-performance culture across your finance team.

You should provide each team member with focused training to continually enhance their soft skills and develop a robust working knowledge of your most significant finance function objectives.

This allows you to delegate most of your tasks to other team members and highlights your commitment to developing everybody within your team.

Feedback clearly shows that most finance leaders dedicate precious time to training their teams on the same topics.

The opportunity cost of this training time is enormous and could easily prevent you from making a considerable contribution to the success of your business and future career.


Training Courses

GrowCFO has surveyed hundreds of finance leaders to identify the top ten online training courses that would have the biggest impact on developing your teams. Each of these courses should be relevant to all your finance team members.

boardroom meeting where woman in black leather jacket and man in blue checkered shirt, suit jacket and glasses, pay attention to person talking with their hands wearing black long sleeve shirt
  • Knowing your audience
  • Conveying your messages
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Group meetings and presentations
  • Written communications
two person shaking hands near white painted wall
  • Building new relationships
  • Strengthening existing relationships
  • Gaining other people’s trust
  • Perception of finance
  • Managing stakeholders
Personal effectiveness
woman in blue tank top standing beside white wall
  • Gravitas & Confidence
  • Managing your workload
  • Delegating effectively
  • Delivering your responsibilities
  • Exceeding expectations
Optimising processes
man in blue long sleeve shirt holding woman in gray sweater
  • Process mapping
  • Standardisation
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Automating processes
  • Outsourcing activities
Business partnering
man in black suit jacket sitting beside woman in brown blazer
  • Understanding the business model
  • Connecting with teams
  • Generating data insights
  • Supporting decision-making
  • Influencing strategy and change
Planning, budgeting & forecasting
Photo by Sincerely Media
  • Creating investment cases
  • Building financial models
  • Allocating capital
  • Monitoring budgets
  • Managing outcomes
Analysing & reporting performance
Three people meeting with their Microsoft devices at work
  • Setting KPIs
  • Capturing data
  • Analysing data
  • Reporting performance
  • Creating Board packs
High-performance teams
man and two women sitting beside table
  • Building the culture
  • Objectives and appraisals
  • Teamwork
  • Interaction with others
  • Managing people
Catalyst for change
selective focus photography of woman using laptop computer
  • Driving business change
  • Identifying profit and cash initiatives
  • Finance transformations
  • Monitoring effectiveness
  • Restructuring
Governance and Control
man uses laptop at the conference table
  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Treasury
  • Closing the books

Course Features

Each course contains the following features:

Multiple lessons covering each topic
Videos, audio and infographics
Interviews with inspirational CFOs
Links to additional relevant materials
Knowledge assessment quiz
Certificate of completion

Structured Team Learning Plans

GrowCFO’s Individual Learning Plan workbook allows finance leaders to create a tailored development plan for each team member that clearly documents:

  • Mandatory courses and completion deadlines;
  • Certificate of completion dates; and
  • Other relevant GrowCFO development activities.


Each course is priced at £100 per person. For a limited time only, finance leaders can buy access to all ten of these courses for a special offer annual price of only £500 per person plus VAT.

£1690 £ 500 per person/year
  • Full access to all ten finance team training courses
  • Personalised training plan schedule
  • GrowCFO Premium Membership (valued at £690)
  • Full access to 45 senior finance skills courses
  • 200+ events per year
  • Access to entire library of event recordings
  • GrowCFO Mobile App
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