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GrowCFO Finance Software Survey

Introduction GrowCFO completed an independent finance systems survey across our finance leader community comprising thousands of members.  Within our survey,...
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Scoping for Growth – Strategising for the future

[Blog by Chris Tredwell] It is no secret that commercial businesses exist to create profit for shareholders. Growth remains at the...

Pitfalls of using Excel and some suggestions for addressing them.

Written by Bob Carter(Head of Finance in the Insurance and Financial Services industries for FTSE100 multi nationals) Further to the...

ERP or Postmodern ERP?

Which approach is the best for your IT infrastructure?  The Evolution of business technology The term Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)...

Unified Ledgers v Modular Ledgers – what’s the difference?

[Blog by Chris Tredwell] And why do unified ledger accounting systems improve automation and real-time reporting? If you were to search...

Cloud-Native vs Cloud-Hosted — A Guide through the Storm

[Blog by Chris Tredwell] Cloud computing has seen huge growth since 2010, with global spend on cloud services currently at over...
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The Changing Skill Set in Accountancy

[Blog by Chris Tredwell] There is a lot of talk within this community and wider afield of the changing skillset for...

How the right accounting and finance tools can help your company succeed

[Blog by Chris Tredwell] Modern Business has changed. It isn’t about IT. It isn’t about software. It’s not even about you....
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A (very) Brief History of Accounting

[Blog by Chris Tredwell] A background into how the accounting industry evolved into what it is now… The first examples of...
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The Drivers of Change in the World of Finance and Accounting

[Blog by Chris Tredwell] Two-and-a-half thousand years after Heraclitus claimed that “the only constant in this world is change”, his...