#169 What’s Happening in AI for Finance with Adam Shilton

What's Happening in AI for Finance with Adam Shilton

In part 2 of the three-part mini-series on AI for finance, Adam Shilton returns to the GrowCFO show. A year ago, Adam spoke to Kevin Appleby about what’s likely to happen in tech for finance in 2023. 12 months on, they repeat the conversation, but for 2024, the focus is very much on AI.

Adam is the founder and podcast host at Tech for Finance and a leading voice on Linkedin.

Adam discussed current AI tools for finance and how they are advancing with multimodal capabilities and advanced data analysis features. He highlighted experimenting with different models to find the best fit.

Adam talked about using AI for personal productivity through automating tasks, improving workflows, and using it for data analysis. He gave examples like Notion AI, GPT for Sheets, and Microsoft CoPilot. CoPilot Pro has recently been released to all Office users. If ChatGPT was the gamechanger in 2023, then its likely to be CoPilot in 2024.

Kevin shared his experience using AI tools for podcasting and building learning materials. They discussed using tools like Motion and Fathom to improve meeting productivity and participation through transcription.

Adam predicted greater AI autonomy in 2024 that works towards outcomes without human intervention. He and Kevin emphasized the importance of process optimization before implementing AI and using it to do more with less through tools like Lean.



AI tools for finance professionals. (0:12)

Using AI for finance, including personal productivity and data analysis. (3:24)

Some practical examples of tool;s Adam and Kevin are using (8:44)

Using AI tools to improve productivity and meeting efficiency. (10:55)

AI technology and its applications in business. (16:11)

AI autonomy and prompting technology. (20:38)

AI language models in business. (22:52)

AI-powered copilot in Microsoft Office. (28:18)

Automation, AI, and process optimization. (32:52)

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