The Size of a Finance Team: 2023 GrowCFO Report

The size of a finance team


The Size of a Finance Team: 2023 GrowCFO Report

Modern-day finance functions are an essential part of any successful business. They play a critical role in driving growth, innovation and sustainability through the strategic management of resources, data and insights. Yet despite their importance, many companies struggle to determine the size of their finance team as they scale up.

This report provides valuable insights to help companies make informed decisions about their finance functions during the early stages of their business life cycle journey.

Our market research, company benchmarking and detailed analysis will be an inspiring resource for business leaders looking to build the finance teams of the future that deliver sustainable growth and long-term success.

Download our free report to make informed decisions about your finance team’s size and best practices to:

  • Build an efficient and effective team.
  • Determine what role it needs to play in the future.
  • Better allocate resources for future growth.
  • Fully support the business on its path to success.
The size of a finance team

Download The Size of a Finance Team: 2023 Report

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