#111 4 Magic Steps to Double Profit with Jeremy Rudd, Interim CFO, Mentor and Author

Jeremy Rudd discusses his career as a CFO and his book 4 magic steps to double profit with Kevin Appleby on the GrowCFO Show

Jeremy Rudd is an experienced Interim CFO for PLCs and SMEs in the UK. After qualifying as an accountant he worked for Metal Box plc before embarking on a consulting career during which he has worked with clients ranging from computer giant IBM to tanneries and chocolate biscuit manufacturers.

In 2017 he published a book ‘4 Magic Steps to Double Profit’ designed to help managers, entrepreneurs and accountants(!) understand business financial dynamics in a fun and insightful way.

In this episode we talk about the book, why Jeremy wrote it, and some of the stories he shares.

Jeremy comes from a background of business change and business process reengineering, and we talk about the 3 roles the CFO plays.

The CFO needs to identify changes that are needed, propose solutions and take people on a change journey from the old world to the new. This week’s guest on the Growcfo Show is an expert in business process improvement and has implemented change programmes in businesses both large and small.

Jeremy Rudd shares some of his wisdom on this week’s podcast 



02:25 Jeremy Rudd’s background in the family business.

07:18 How did you get into the business of accounting?

11:07 The vital role of the CFO in business today.

15:26 The CFO’s role in business change is threefold.

19:59 The CFO is in a position where they must engage with their peers and help them enjoy the numbers.

24:40 Who’s your target audience?

29:26 The importance of understanding the costs of your product.

37:39 Why fixed costs aren’t really fixed.

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