Shonagh Talbot Secures Her First Group Finance Director Role In a High Growth Real Estate Company

“GrowCFO's courses, mentors and peer group workshops made me realize my challenges were similar to other people's and created huge value by sharing personal stories, case studies and proven methodologies.”

Marr Management Services recruited Shonagh Talbot into the Group Finance Director role to support the delivery of their company strategy by replacing a highly experienced CFO who is now performing the Group Managing Director role.

Marr Management Services is a commercial real estate investor across South Africa and the United Kingdom. It was founded by a very successful proven entrepreneur how is extremely passionate towards the sector.

A demanding role

When Shonagh first discovered this exciting opportunity to move companies from a Finance Manager role into a Group Finance Director role, she was both incredibly excited but also intrigued about the demanding job description. This was Shonagh’s big opportunity to step up into her dream finance position and take over from an experienced CFO who has now become the group’s Managing Director. Whilst this role provides many new challenges, Shonagh is hugely benefiting from having an ex-CFO as her boss and is receiving really impactful mentoring from her on a regular basis. The operational structure is very different to previous roles and her responsibilities are much more focused on supporting the delivering of the company’s strategy, which is providing fantastic experience.

The ideal candidate

Shonagh was first introduced to the company through a family friend of somebody she had previously trained with when studying her articles. What is a fantastic illustration of the benefits towards staying close to your professional network! As Shonagh built closer relationships with the business, it become clear to all concerned that she would be a great fit for their Finance Director vacancy and she has never looked back since.

How GrowCFO helped Shonagh

Shonagh first joined GrowCFO in late 2021 and immediately enrolled into the Future CFO Programme. She was clear on her immediate career aspirations and was determined to prepare herself for landing her first finance director role. During the Programme, Shonagh participated in a range of mentor-led workshops alongside a power peer group of fellow aspiring CFOs. She really benefited from hearing other people’s challenges and realizing that she was not alone. GrowCFO’s professional mentoring team provided huge value by sharing personal stories and proven techniques for how to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. She particularly benefited from the course lessons regarding how to structure teams, identify the right business processes and systems, and adapt to different company needs.