#69 The Future of Finance Functions with Chris Tredwell

Chris Tredwell and Kevin Appleby discuss the future of finance functions on the GrowCFO Show

Things are changing fast in finance. You are more than likely struggling to keep pace with the latest technology. You might be in a fast growing business and your team is struggling to keep pace. There’s pressure to get better management information sooner. These are all challenges for the finance team leader. In GrowCFO, the Future of Finance Functions regular events are designed to help you with all these challenges.

Future of Finance Functions is a live Zoom webinar that takes place to discuss all things concerning the modern finance function. These range from systems to processes to people issues. Automation, integration, faster close, and the latest cloud accounting are all subjects we cover. Chris Tredwell is the regular host of the events and he joins Kevin Appleby on the GrowCFO show to tell us what to expect in the 2022 series.

Meetings taking place on the second Tuesday of each month and the 10 topics we will cover in 2022 are:

  1. Is now the right time to change?  (8/3/2022)
  2. Why Strong Foundations are key to your departments’ success  (5/4/2022)
  3. What is True Cloud Accounting?  (10/5/2022)
  4. Ensure you are able to scale alongside your growth ambitions (14/6/2022)
  5. Automation in Finance (12/7/2022)
  6. The value of Integration (9/8/2022)
  7. What should I expect from Reporting (13/9/2022)
  8. Improve your Month-end close (11/10/2022)
  9. Get it right – Do’s and Don’ts / Procurement Checklist (8/11/2022)
  10. How to review the software market (13/12/2022)

The series of events looking at change management will continue on the last Tuesday of each month.


00:56 The reason we started Future of Finance Functions

04:13 The topics we’ve covered in the last 2 years

09:35 The 10 themes for 2022

12:08 Is it the right time to make the change?

12:30 Cloud accounting

13:00 Scaling the team in line with business growth

14:34 The difference between automation and integration

17:02 Reporting and KPIs

17:42 The do’s and dont’s: learning from others experience

20:01 Selecting and procuring software

21:35 How to book your place at any of the future of finance functions events

22:00 The change management series of future of finance functions events

26:25 Accessing recordings of past events

28:19 What else does GrowCFO do?

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