Christoph J. Martin’s Successful Transition to c.£365m Public Market CFO

“GrowCFO has been instrumental in my personal development; I am looking forward to continuing my professional education and working together with GrowCFO to progress my career at PensionBee.”

PensionBee has experienced exceptional growth since acquiring its first customer in 2016 and stood at c.£0.5bn of Pension Assets as of June 2019 when Christoph joined the Company as Head of Finance. On the back of the continued success of the firm, PensionBee always had aspirations to become a listed business and Christoph was appointed to help the online pension provider become public market-ready. During this time Christoph sought the help and support of GrowCFO and was subsequently promoted to CFO within 18 months, while PensionBee continued its growth trajectory, achieving c.£2bn in Pension Assets as of June 2021.

Building a public market-ready finance department

PensionBee had to become public market-ready and build out assets, processes, systems and people in order to achieve public market readiness of the finance function.

To meet listing requirements PensionBee needed a new accounting system that could help it report audited IFRS financials under a much shorter reporting calendar. It also needed to build out data capabilities to gather insights into underlying drivers around revenue and costs to support other areas of the business drive those value levers. It was crucial to put in place the right team, and in particular a head of department, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

GrowCFO helped Christoph to achieve that goal

GrowCFO helped and supported Christoph who started as Head of Finance in his journey to becoming a public market CFO with personalised and bespoke mentorship.

PensionBee achieved a public market ready finance function in 2020, one year after Christoph joined the firm.

Thanks to the support of GrowCFO, Christoph excelled in his role and was promoted to CFO in November 2020. Under his leadership, PensionBee successfully built out a public market-ready finance function reporting audited IFRS financials and maintains a multi-purpose Corporate Model.