#149 The Current State of The Finance Job Market with Andrew Waters Co-founder at Zanda

Andrew Waters is co-founder of recruitment consultants Zanda based in the UK and New York. He recruits finance leaders across Europe and the USA and understands the marketplace for finance staff. Andrew joins Kevin Appleby to discuss the state of the job market, what happened in the wake of COVID-19, the great resignation and the current economic slowdown.


Andrew’s key message is that while there have been job losses in the tech sector, the finance sector remains more buoyant. Andrew and Kevin discussed the differences between the US and European markets, with the US market bouncing back quickly. They also talked about the rise of part-time fractional CFOs, who are sought after by companies needing experienced strategic financing experience from CFOs earlier in their growth cycle.

Andrew and Kevin discussed the importance of finding the right finance leader for a business based on its growth trajectory and specific needs. They also discussed the demand for finance transformation roles and the trend of flexible working models in the post-COVID era.

Andrew and Kevin discussed the shift towards hybrid work models, with some businesses fully remote and others adopting a mix of remote and in-office work. They also touched on communication, workspace sharing, and career development challenges in a remote work environment. 

They also touched on insights into the future recruitment market, the possibility of higher interest rates becoming the new norm, and the ongoing progress towards implementing hybrid work models.



Introducing Andrew Waters. (0:11)

What’s the current state of the recruitment market? (4:15)

Differences between US and Europe. (7:41)

Hiring a CFO early in the growth cycle. (12:46)

What is the future need for finance leaders? (18:08)

How flexible is the hybrid working model? (22:48)

Importance of learning and development. (29

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