10 Quotes From 5 CFOs on International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on the progress women have made, and to look ahead to what still needs to be done. This year on International Women’s Day 2022, we’re honouring the achievements of women in finance by hearing from five experienced and inspiring finance leaders from the GrowCFO community. 

These leaders have all achieved great success in their careers, and their insights are sure to help other professionals reach their goals. Here are 10 quotes that stood out to us from our #IWD2022 event. You can find their individual stories on our blog over the next week.

Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark, Executive Mentor, Experienced CFO & Leader, Financial Business Mentor

“I had to ask myself the question, ‘what is actually the worst that could happen?’ I think we all have to know that fear is normal when we’re taking on something outside of our own comfort zone and it makes us grow as a person.”

“Keep focused on what you want to achieve and retain the inner belief that you will get there. Enjoy each step of the way. Celebrate your successes along the way. Make choices that bring you joy in life.”

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Sara Ferry

Sara Ferry, Financial Controller, Nostra

“Doors will open for those brave enough to knock. Don’t be afraid to jump into the deep end. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because we’ve all been in your position. And if you don’t get the answer you want, at least you’ve asked.”

“Always push yourself to learn more. It doesn’t matter where on the ladder you are. It’s always a learning curve. You’re always learning new approaches. I believe that I will never stop learning on this journey.”

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Helene Brichet Herbinet

Helene Brichet Herbinet, Board Executive and NED, Trustee, CFO, Executive Coach & Mentor

“How diverse is my team? How inclusive are my team and the organisation’s culture? Am I giving extra support to people in my team who may need it most? How do I create psychological safety so that everyone can bring their point of view? How do I create a more cohesive, positive, creative team and help them be engaged?”

“I would encourage you as leaders to not only welcome diversity and inclusion, but to make it grow, and make it a foundation of your leadership and of the culture you want to bring across the business.”

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Georgia Wilson

Georgia Wilson, CFO, Together Group

“As women, we find that we have to juggle so much. And we have to keep encouraging ourselves. It will work out. When we know we need to deliver something, we get it done. And that drive is what we bring into the workplace.”

“It is important to just take the journey as it comes. Put your best foot forward. There are also others who will stand and fight for you. They’ll push you, they’ll support you. And they’ll want to be a part of that success. So keep going. Keep believing.”

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Susana Serrano-Davey

Susana Serrano-Davey, Finance Consultant and Mentor, Experienced CFO

“Enough. Enough of being so responsible, enough of doing what I’m supposed to do, enough of working so hard to earn more money than I need to prove something. Proving what? To whom? Most of the time it’s to ourselves.”

“We all have these chapters of life, that sometimes are pulled together. But ultimately, we are the authors. We have the power to listen and look for those transformational pieces of fundamental insights. And with that insight, we can make the choices to live the life that is right for us with the stories that are unfolding in front of us, not the ones that we thought we would live.”

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