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Patrick Dunne talks about the evolution of the decision-making process at Board level and how this impacts finance leaders, including:

  1. How modern-day Boards go about making decisions;
  2. The role of the CFO in supporting the decision-making process;
  3. The difference between making long-term strategic decisions versus reaction-based decisions;
  4. Evidence-based decisions versus applying intuition;
  5. Who are the most influential people on the Board;
  6. How finance leaders can strengthen relationships with Board members; and
  7. The key qualities required by finance leaders to perform effectively at Board level.

About the Speaker

Patrick Dunne has extensive experience of working with boards around the world in the business, public body, education and social sectors. He Chairs board consultancy Boardelta and the charities EY Foundation and ESSA – Education Sub Saharan Africa. He is a Trustee of the Chartered Management Institute, a Visiting Professor at Cranfield and the Founder of Warwick in Africa. 

He was a member of the Higgs Review and is a regular contributor to board skills programmes, including the Financial Times Board Director Programme. His executive career was with Air Products and FTSE100 3i Group plc where he was a member of its operating committee. He has a degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Warwick and an MBA from Cranfield.

Patrick is the author of the recently published book:

Finance leaders can find out more by purchasing the 2nd edition of the award-winning book Boards.  This provides an updated practical, realistic, thought-provoking and useful guide to life as a board member – an ideal companion whether you are an aspirant, novice or seasoned campaigner.