Group Mentoring

Seek professional advice and discuss your challenges in a small peer group setting facilitated by a professional CFO mentor.

Session Structure

During each session, the GrowCFO mentor starts by presenting a typical personal challenge for ten minutes and provides some overall top tips.

We then dedicate around 10 minutes per person towards helping them solve their biggest individual challenge. There are likely to be a few group discussions throughout the session.

You will benefit from receiving:

  • Top tips for overcoming common pain points faced by the community;
  • Dedicated support towards solving your own challenges; and
  • Key learning points raised throughout the session.
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You may raise any personal challenge during the session. Topics we frequently cover include:

Confidence & Imposter Syndrome
Board level exposure
Getting involved in strategy
Influencing and obtaining people’s buy-in
Feeling overwhelmed with tasks
Building relationships
Perception of finance and being seen as a blocker


Based on 90-minute sessions with a minimum of four people and a maximum of five


£ 199 plus VAT per session when booking 1 or 2 sessions


£ 175 plus VAT per session when booking 3 to 5 sessions


£ 150 plus VAT per session when booking 6 sessions or more

One-on-one Sessions

Are you looking for more tailored and private mentoring? You may benefit from GrowCFO’s individual mentoring offering.