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Team Development 13 - Unlocking Performance

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  1. Identifying Opportunities
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  2. Driving Growth
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  3. Maximizing Shareholder Value
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  4. Delivering Results
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  5. Managing Underperformance
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  6. Variance Analysis
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  7. Communicating Progress
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  8. Forecasting Future Impact
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Managing Underperformance

Dan Wells July 28, 2023

In the fast-paced world of business, it’s essential for finance professionals to have a comprehensive understanding of managing underperformance to drive organizational success. This module is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to identify, analyze, and address business underperformance effectively. Over the course of five lessons, we will delve into various aspects of this critical topic.

The journey begins with identifying underperformance indicators” where we will explore how to recognize early signs of performance decline across different business dimensions. With a focus on data-driven insights, this lesson will empower finance teams to proactively flag potential issues before they escalate, fostering a culture of proactive problem-solving.

Root Cause Analysis takes us deeper into the heart of the matter. Here, we will unravel the complexities behind underperformance by dissecting the underlying causes. By employing proven methodologies, finance team members will learn how to identify the root causes of underperformance, enabling them to address issues at their core and pave the way for effective recovery strategies.

In Developing Effective Recovery Strategies,” we shift our focus towards devising actionable plans to reverse underperformance trends. This lesson will provide finance professionals with the tools to formulate targeted strategies that align with organizational goals and address the identified root causes. By fostering a multidisciplinary approach and leveraging financial insights, teams will be equipped to design tailored solutions that foster resilience and pave the path towards sustainable growth.